AIM Group Profile
Group Name
AIM Group
Comprising companies
Aichi Industrial Markings, Incorporated
Japan Administrative Labels, Company Limited
Beijing Lutong Printing Company Limited
Shanghai Lutong Printing Company Limited
Tianjing Lutong Printing Company Limited
Shanghai Luai Trading Company Limited
Sales turnover
2,057 Million JPY (2014)
207 (As of March 2015)
Company philosophy

Our Mission

"Engraving thoughts"

To convey its thoughts, people have engraved pictures or letters on various materials since ancient times, which the engraved thoughts really survive in present times even over several thousand years. Thus we engrave our customer's thoughts carefully and precisely. This is our mission.

Envisions in medium to long term future

"Asia's representing company group in special printing industry"

Becoming a top leader in the field of special printing in Asia as well, by taking advantages of expertises cultivated so far in Japan and China. By grasping the changes caused by globalization and diversification, our company's individuals will push the company with maximized synergy effect upto the first class company group, as well as they will personally grow and succeed.

Sharable values

For better serving our customers and further developing as our company group: WE VALUE THE FOLLOWING THINGS AND GO INTO PRACTICE:

1. Serve the customers with full faith

1. Freed from pursuing short sighted profits, instead, view in long term

1. Be proud of contributing the society through its business

1. Be conscious and responsible as a Professional

1. Challenge the big problem with passion and positiveness, and complete it finally

1. Do not leave responsibility to others, and always consider for the others

1. Most value its employees amongst all the stakeholders

AIM Group Milestones
Oct 1945
Aichi Drafting League Operational
Jul 1946
Founded Aichi Industry Company Limited (Current Aichi Industry Markings, Inc. "AIM") in Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya. Inaugurated manufacturing Metal nameplates. Started trading with Aichi Tokei Denki Company Limited.
Apr 1963
Aichi Industry (Current AIM); Started trading with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Nagoya Plant.
Jun 1968
Aichi Industry (Current AIM); Started label printing. Producing labels with serial numbers.
Jun 1971
Aichi Industry (Current AIM); Started producing checklabels as OEM provider
Apr 1974
Aichi Industry (Current AIM); Started trading with Matsushita Seiko Co., Ltd. (Current Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.)
Jun 1977
Aichi Seal Limited (Current Japan Administrative Labels Co., Ltd. "JAL") has spun-off from Aichi Industry (Current AIM) label printing division.
Jun 1982
Renamed Aichi Seal Limited as Japan Administrative Labels Co., Ltd.
Mar 1986
Aichi Industry (Current AIM); Started trading with Pilot Ink Company, Limited. Same year Maruike Factory (now Maruike Warehouse) put in operation "JAL".
Apr 1991
"JAL"; Iida Factory in operation.
Jun 1993
Renamed Aichi Industry Company Limited as Aichi Industrial Markings, Inc.
Dec 1994
Beijing Lutong Printing Company, Limited founded.
Apr 1995
"AIM" and "JAL"; installed intranet links.
Dec 1995
"AIM" and "JAL"; web homepage opened.
May 1997
"JAL"; Started trading with Toyoda Gosei Company, Limited.
Oct 1998
"AIM" and "JAL"; Headquarters moved to Meieki, Nakamura-ku, NAGOYA.
Mar 1999
Beijing Lutong; UL/cUL certified.
Sep 2000
"AIM"; UL/cUL certified.
Feb 2002
"AIM"; Equipped Clean Room (Class 10,000) in Maenami Factory
Mar 2001
Beijing Lutong; ISO9001 certified.
Mar 2003
"AIM"; ISO14001 certified (Heqdquarters and Maenami Factory).
May 2003
Shanghai Lutong Printing Company founded.
May 2005
"AIM"; ISO9001 certified. (Maenami Factory)
Sep 2005
Beijing Lutong; ISO14001 Certified.
Sep 2005
Shanghai Lutong; ISO9001 Certified.
Dec 2005
Shanghai Lutong; ISO14001 Certified.
Jan 2006
"JAL"; ISO14001 Certified. (Headquarters and Maruike Factory)
Feb 2009
Tianjing Lutong Printing Company Limited founded.
May 2012
Tianjing Lutong; ISO9001 AND ISO14001 Certified.
May 2013
"JAL"; ISO9001 Certified. (Headquarters and Iida Factory)
Jul 2013
"JAL"; Business Cooperation Agreement with HINSITSU (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED
May 2014
"AIM" AND "JAL"; Headquarters moved (adjacent to old office)
Jun 2014
"JAL"; Acquired Lutong Printing Group (Beijing Lutong, Shanghai Lutong, Tianjing Lutong) to form a Group Companies.
Apr 2016
Shanghai Luai Trading Company founded.