Major equipments (affiliated companies inclusive)

We own wide range of printing and processing technologies including Labels, Auto-ID Labels, Metal/resin nameplates, etc., and can meet our customers' various requirements to print, process and inspect with top ranged facilities throughout Asia's label industry.

※Printed product or company names may be trade marks of each companies
Equipment Numbers Remarks
Image setter 1
Resin plate maker 7
Letter press label printer 19
Onda OPM-W250-3S, Onda OPM-W150-3S, ...
Rotary press label printer (interrupted) 10
Iwasaki LR-25, Sanki SPM-300, ...
Rotary press label printer 5
Taiyo Kikai TLC350, ...
Flat bed die-cutting machine 11
Onda OPM-HL300S, ...
Intermittent Rotary Die Cutting Machine 1
Iwasaki LMT-180
Business form (blank labels) printer 1
Miyakoshi MSP-18 488N1
Checklabel (number ring) printer 2
Card printer 3
Sprocket puncher 2
Slit cutter 12
Label rewinder 16
Paper core cutter 2
Roll cutter 15
SANWACOKEN PT Cutter series
Sheet cutter 3
Katsuda SH200-HOP-JMCⅣ, ...
Band fastener 7
Shrink packer 1
Label image inspector 3
Navitas Vision Solution NaviLab-Lite, Shanghai Zhengtu FS-REVIZW・FS-CHZCK300,...
Barcode verifier 14
Serial barcode verifier 1
Thermal transfer barcode printer 9
Zebra 220XiⅢPlus, ...
Laser printer 3
TORAY G6000WE, ...
Color laser printer 2
Fuji Xerox Docu Print CG835LⅡ, ...
Digital inkjet printer 1
EPSON SurePress L-4033A
Automatic cutter 2
Graphtec CE6000-40, Graphtec FP4500-50
RFID Label processor 1
Cleanroom 1
Silk screen screen maker 1
Silk screen printer 6
UV inkjet printer 1
Static electronic eliminator 1
UV dryer 1
Oven dryer 2
Photo anodized aluminum plate making system 2
Thermal laminator 2
Double sided adhesive tape attacher 1
Metal cutter 7
Guide hole puncher 2
Press machine 5
Thomson cutter 3
X-axis conveyer 1
Flatface polishing plate 1
Letter press label printer

【Letter press label printer】

Rotary press label printer (Interrupted)

【Rotary press label printer (Interrupted)】

Rotary press label printer

【Rotary press label printer】

Digital inkjet printer

【Digital inkjet printer】

Label image inspector

【Label image inspector】

Laser printer

【Laser printer】

UV Inkjet printer

【UV Inkjet printer】

Press machine

【Press machine】